One way to think about this is as such: a foot-pound is a unit of energy equal to the amount of energy required to raise a weight of one pound a distance of one foot. Please consider publishing a comparison of the 6.5–300 WBY with the 300 Win Mag. vs. .300 Win. Mag., if you were the guy on the mountain in Wyoming with one of these rifles you were always selected to block. Last year, I was hunting with a buddy that was shooting a 6.5-300 Weatherby and I was shooting a .300 Win Mag. if you want to shoot a win mag, buy a win mag. of energy at the muzzle, it is far ahead of the .30-06 Springfield and .300 H&H Magnum. Although the case design of the Weatherby was entirely different from the.300 H&H, enabling head spacing at the shoulder, Weatherby retained the belt at the case head, resulting in a very successful marketing ploy. Mike had taken a very handsome buck, with horns in the shape of a heart when viewed head-on, and it was now my turn. Many hunters have commented on various social media sites that the .300 Winchester Magnum kicks too hard, and the .30-06 is all you need. It’s still something to think about even if you do have a lot of experience. The decision for which round is better for a given application should be made with complete information, and this article simply serves as a comparative guide, not the final say. The 300 H&H is the parent case for both the 300 Weatherby Magnum, and the 300 Winchester Magnum. F. Hopping onto MidwayUSA to look at the options, you’ll find the .300 Winchester has five times the different SKUs than does the .300 Weatherby. When the .300 Win. As you can see, this projectile is over a millimeter larger in diameter, and the cartridge is a good big longer as well. velocities in a short-action rifle. That was over 30 years ago but I still have his Mark V .270 and his .300 Wby Mags. It has the accuracy of the 6.5 Creedmoor and the power of the 300 Win Mag… a nice combination! To put this into perspective, a Boeing 737 commercial airliner travels at a cruising speed of 600 mph, or 880 fps. The .300 Wby. I’ve owned or hunted with a good number of rifles in .300 Winchester Magnum, and have done load development for a half dozen .300 Weatherby rifles; across the board the .300 Weatherby had a much sharper and faster recoil. So, which makes the better choice for the hunter looking for a .300 magnum? .308 Winchester vs .300 Weatherby Magnum I recently read a statement by a respected gunsmith wherein he stated that, for the first 300 yards, the .308 Win. was just as good as the .300 Weatherby mag.. We offer a 100% Authenticity Guarantee on all products sold on our website. Our website lists special deals on 9mm Ammo, 10mm Ammo, 45-70 Ammo, 6.5 Creedmoor ammo, 300 Blackout Ammo, 10mm Ammo, 5.56 Ammo, Underwood Ammo, Buffalo Bore Ammo and more special deals on bulk ammo. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .300 Weatherby Magnum vs .300 Winchester Magnum ammo rounds. It’s an appreciable advantage, but again, there’s that recoil tradeoff. Hornady .300 PRC (left) and .300 WBY.300 Weatherby Magnum vs. Hornady .300 PRC. I have loaded for both of these cartridges and with 180's the top loads in a 300 Weatherby are pushing 3200fps and the 300RUM are pushing 3400fps if you can really push a 300 WBY as fast as a 300RUM something is wrong, it might not be as efficient but the 300RUM is faster and probably a bit more accurate because it is not freebored like the weatherby. Generally speaking, the higher the muzzle energy, the higher the stopping power. Furthermore, the muzzle energy of a .300 Weatherby Magnum round averages out to 4070 ft-lb, while a .300 WSM Winchester Short Magnum round averages out to about 3580 ft-lb. Well, the .300 Weatherby ramps up both felt recoil and muzzle blast, and is actually too much gun for a good numbers of shooters. This caught on like a wildfire, and among the WSM family, the .300 is, was and will be the most popular of the lot. Don’t get me wrong, the ammunition for the .300 Weatherby is good stuff, but there’s just less of it to choose from. When I decided to get a .300 I thought it would be a Win. Both are from the 70’s and I still like to shoot the .300 over the .270. Shortly after the end of WWII, Winchester began work on its own series of magnum cartridges based on the belted H&H case, and by the end of the 1950s, they’d released the straight-walled .458 Winchester Magnum which would become popular in Africa, the .388 Winchester Magnum, the darling of elk hunters as well as those headed to Alaska, and the flat-shooting .264 Winchester Magnum. It’s got class, panache, and performance in spades, and is actually the oldest veteran in this group. Cartridge Type: RifleHeight: 2.811\"Width: 0.532\"Average FPS: 3229Average Energy: 4074Average Gr: 176Recoil: 2.63Power Rank: 5.68 of 20 The .300 Weatherby Magnum was designed by Roy Weatherby in 1944. Using the slight folds in the prairie, we stalked, walked, crept and crawled to get within 200 yards of the pair, who remained engrossed in their own affairs. Winchester finally released its .30-caliber magnum three years later; the .300 Winchester Magnum came onto the scene with a bit of a different approach. No matter what anyone else tells you, ALWAYS shoot only the ammo size that is stamped on a firearm. Get the American Hunter Insider newsletter for at-a-glance access to industry news, gear, gun reviews, videos and more—delivered directly to your Inbox. Choose the lowest price from our multiple warehouses. I’ve also shot the.300 win mag out of my cousins newer Wby with facory ammo. At that distance the.300 Winchester retains 1,766 ft.-lbs., and the Weatherby retains 2,186. Mag. It hurts a bit to write this particular comparison, because I’m really partial to the .300 WBY. Opening morning in Wyoming proved to be as picturesque as I imagined it; my pal Mike Ruella and I were teamed up with a competent guide, there were antelope everywhere, and the weather was perfect. Sending a 180-grain bullet at 2960 fps, the .300 Winchester Magnum gave a ballistic advantage over the .30-06 Springfield, yet isn’t so fast that premature barrel wear becomes an issue. For more detailed ballistics information please refer to the exact round in question or contact the manufacturer for the pertinent information. Mag. While the velocity advantage of Weatherby is certainly attractive, giving a bit flatter trajectory and better resists wind deflection, it comes at a price, and that price is a considerable increase in recoil. One way to think about this is as such: a foot-pound is a unit of energy equal to the amount of energy required to raise a weight of one pound a distance of one foot. The page loads fine but no chart comes up. Comparing the cartridges, both use the belt for headspacing—though many reloaders will resize their cartridges to allow the shoulder to handle the headspacing duties—and both can effectively use the full range of .30-caliber bullets. While I don’t have access to the official sales numbers, according to Weatherby, Roy’s .300 Weatherby Magnum is the most popular of the bunch. At 500 yards the gap opens a bit wider, with the Winchester dropping 38.7 inches and the Weatherby dropping 31.7 inches. Old school here. Remembering the new-of-the-day in 1963 Winchester Model 70 chambered in the then-new .300 Win. True .300 Weatherby Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum ballistics information can vary widely from the displayed information, and it is important to understand that the particular characteristics of a given round can make a substantive difference in its true performance. The deer don't notice the 100 fps difference, and if you go too fast your bullets might fail (monolithic won't). .300 Weatherby Magnum (41).300 Win (198).300 Win Mag / .338 Win Mag (1).300 WSM (56).303 British (9).308 Win (628).308/6.5 Creedmoor/338 Federal (1).32-20 Win (1).325 WSM (5).327 Federal Magnum (4).33 Nosler (1).338 Federal (3) vs. .340 Wby. Company Directory (307) 675-7800. Saturday, October 3, 2020. That is to say, .300 Weatherby Magnum bullets travel 3.7 times the speed of a 737 airplane at cruising speed, while .300 Winchester Magnum bullets travel 3.4 times that same speed. The same can be said for rifles: The line of Mark V rifles from Weatherby are quality, and there are other companies that chamber for the .300 Weatherby, but they are grossly outnumbered by the choices in .300 Winchester Magnum. bullets and heavier. by Philip Massaro - If you can handle it well, it will make a good choice, but I’d advise trying one before purchasing one. Mag. At 500 yards the gap opens a bit wider, with the Winchester dropping 38.7 inches and the Weatherby dropping 31.7 inches. Comparing both cartridges shooting a 180-grain Nosler AccuBond (G1 B.C. I would take issue with the fact that the .300 Weatherby is no better than the Winchester. Another major factor between the two is ammunition choice and availability. Mag. Since 1963 the .300 Winchester Magnum has been a great choice for those looking for a bump up in performance from the .30-06 Springfield and .308 Winchester. I'll admit the .300 Weatherby Magnum is a fine elk cartridge, but is it the best elk cartridge? .300 Win Mag projectiles are 7.8mm in diameter, and the cartridge is 3.34 inches long. Please click the above links to take a look at all of the .300 Weatherby Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum ammo we have in stock and ready to ship, and let us know any parting thoughts in the comment section below. Looking at the recoil of the .300 Win Mag vs .300 WSM is important for understanding certain situations that you might favor one over the other. It is true the Win. Shot placement is key- with a .338 Win Mag, you can do anything a .300 Weatherby Magnum can do. Truly, choosing between the 300 Winchester magnums comes down to the length and weight of rifle you prefer. As illustrated in the chart, .300 Weatherby Magnum rounds - on average - achieve a velocity of about 3230 feet per second (fps) while .300 Winchester Magnum rounds travel at a velocity of 3030 fps. It was for this reason that I purchased the Weatherby Mark V 6.5-300. Winchester used the Jeffery case for its .300 Winchester Short Magnum, released in 2001, giving .300 Win. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or jacketing type. Yes, it could happen. shoots flat and accurately, hits extremely hard,and has class. As a rule of thumb, when it comes to hunting, muzzle energy is what many hunters look at when deciding on what caliber of firearm / ammunition to select. The .300 Weatherby Magnum is a fast, hard-hitting cartridge, driving a 180-grain bullet to a muzzle velocity of 3250 fps, for over 4,000 ft.-lbs. The .300 Weatherby Magnum really needs a 26-inch barrel to reach its full velocity potential. Weatherby Customer Service representatives are available to assist you: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (MDT) Visitor/Service Center 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (MDT) Customer Service (307) 675-7840. Shop for cheap price Weatherby 300 Mag Ammo Vs 300 Win And 20 Gauge Shotgun Ammo Types . If you take into consideration the fact that the OP is talking about bears and BIG bullets the .300 Weatherby will start to step away an awful lot from the Winchester when you get into the various 200gr. Some folks gripe about the neck length, others don’t like the belt, but I find the .300 Winchester Magnum to be one of the most useful of the .300 magnums. Shot and have seen elk shot with a lot of different cartridges. We spotted a unique buck from nearly a half-mile, following a hot doe like a heat-seeking missile. The.300 Winchester Magnum This is the most popular.30 magnum of all, and it hit the market in 1963. The parent case is a .300 H&HMagnum by expanding it to maximum capacity. Mag. Mag.• .404 Jeffery vs. .416 Rigby• .243 Winchester vs. 6mm Creedmoor• .300 PRC vs. .300 Win. He shot his elk, broadside at between 180 and 240 yards, 5 times. has taken more game then any magnum … Mag.• .243 Winchester vs. 6mm Remington• 7x57mm Mauser vs. 7mm-08 Remington• .25-06 Remington vs. .257 Weatherby Magnum• .338 Winchester vs. .375 H&H Magnum• .30-30 Winchester vs. .35 Remington• .257 Roberts vs. .250-3000 Savage• .270 Winchester vs. .280 Remington• .35 Whelen vs. 9.3x62mm Mauser• .416 Rigby vs. .416 Remington Magnum• .308 Winchester vs. .30-06 Springfield• .22 Nosler vs. .224 Valkyrie• .300 Win. 6.5 Creedmoor vs .300 Winchester Magnum… It drove the .300 Holland & Holland completely out of the lime … If the 30-06-length standard action works for you, stick with the old 300 Win. .338 Winchester Magnum is a more common cartridge, I'd imagine, and would be easier to find. I also read some where that the .300 Win. Furthermore, the muzzle energy of a .300 Weatherby Magnum round averages out to 4070 ft-lb, while a .300 Winchester Magnum round averages out to about 3520 ft-lb. It is probably a bigger factor in selecting between one over the other for younger or inexperienced shooters. So a .300 Weatherby Magnum round exits the barrel with kinetic energy equal to the energy required for linear vertical displacement of 4070 pounds through a one foot distance, while a .300 Winchester Magnum round exiting the barrel has energy equal to the amount required to displace 3520 pounds over the same one foot distance. It can push the 200gr. But the .300 Winchester Magnum is more efficient, and does better in a 24-inch barrel. What exactly is the trajectory advantage? As far as recoil I was shooting my dads .300 Wby when I was a kid. It was very close to a .338 Winchester necked down to hold .308-inch-diameter bullets, and still makes a good choice for all-around hunting. All that said, if you only shoot factory ammunition then a 6.5-300 WW will give you another 2-300 FPS. Comments have to be approved before showing up, © 2021 Foundry Outdoors - All Rights Reserved, Product successfully added to your Shopping Cart, 223 WSSM Winchester Super Short Magnum Ammo, 243 WSSM Winchester Super Short Magnum Ammo, 25 WSSM Winchester Super Short Magnum Ammo, 300 RSAUM Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum Ammo, 7mm RSAUM Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum Ammo, .300 Weatherby Magnum vs .300 Winchester Magnum Ammo Comparison - Ballistics Info & Chart. As such, the following is for comparative information purposes only and should not be used to make precise predictions of the trajectory, performance, or true ballistics of any particular .300 Weatherby Magnum or .300 Winchester Magnum rounds for hunting, target shooting, plinking, or any other usage. Mag.• .30-06 Springfield vs. .270 Winchester• 6.5 Creedmoor vs. 7mm-08 Remington• 8x57 Mauser vs. .318 Westley Richards• .358 Winchester vs. .350 Remington Magnum• .22-250 Remington vs. .220 Swift• .270 Winchester vs. .270 WSM• .26 Nosler vs. 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum• .458 Win. Once, the .264 Winchester pushed the envelope for maximum 6.5 speed, but today the 6.5-300 is the king of this cartridge class, and it beats the Winchester by a … As illustrated in the chart, .300 Weatherby Magnum rounds - on average - achieve a velocity of about 3230 feet per second (fps) while .300 Winchester Magnum rounds travel at a velocity of 3030 fps. Winchester’s marketing—and the availability of both rifles and ammunition—saw the rapid rise to success of the .300 Winchester. The extra few hundred foot-pounds of energy that you'd get from a .388 Wby Mag aren't that crucial. The .300 Winchester Magnum—that belted affair based on a shortened Holland and Holland case—was released in 1963 as the last in a quartet of cartridges that redefined magnum performance to the masses. Again, the above is for comparative information purposes only, and you should consult the exact ballistics for the particular .300 Weatherby Magnum or .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge you're looking at purchasing. I bought a Weatherby Vanguard Deluxe (1st generation) in 300 win mag because I would rather pay $30.00 a box, than $60.00 a box for the Weatherby mag ammo. vs. .300 WSM• .223 Remington vs. .22-250 Remington, E-mail your comments/questions about this site to:, For questions/comments about American Hunter magazine, please, You can contact the NRA via phone at: NRA Member Programs1-800-672-3888, To advertise on American Hunter, visit for more information. Looking for previous installments of our "Head to Head" series? This longer cartridge requires a longer action. The 300 Winchester beat the 300 Weatherby with certain loads shooting equal bullet weights. We offer cheap ammo and bulk ammo deals on the most popular ammo calibers. Mag. Please email us if you have questions about any of our product listings. SHOPPING Weatherby 300 Mag Ammo Vs 300 Win And How Do I Know If I Am Connected To Vpn Weatherby 300 Mag Ammo Vs 300 Win And How Do I Know If I Am Connected To Vpn Reviews : You finding where to buy Weatherby 300 Mag Ammo Vs 300 Win And How Do I Know If I Am Connected To Vpn for cheap best price. vs. .458 Lott• 7mm Rem. We've got you covered.• .375 Ruger vs. .375 H&H Magnum• 7mm-08 Remington vs. .280 Remington• .280 Remington vs. .280 Ackley Improved• 7mm vs. .30 Caliber• 6.5 Weatherby RPM vs. 6.5 PRC• .338 Win. Mag. Also, popular cartridges like the .300 Winchester Magnum receive more load development with the newest propellants. Mag. Well, that depends€¦ I get it. A .30-caliber version was expected from Winchester, but the .308 Norma Magnum showed up in 1960. For elk, .30 caliber is my preference and my go to is the .300 Win Mag. 6.5×55 Swedish Mauser, .264 Winchester Magnum and 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum. The quest to improve on the performance of the .30-06 Springfield has been going on for well over a century, but the first commercial success was Holland & Holland’s Super .30, released in 1925, and known here in the U.S. as the .300 Holland & Holland Magnum. Winchester picked up the gauntlet Remington had thrown down and responded the following year with the .300 Winchester Magnum (also known as the .300 Win Mag or .300 WM). Find .300 Weatherby Magnum bolt-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers. However, Americans have a definite love for speed, and the .30-caliber magnums weren’t going to go away. It bettered the velocity of the benchmark .30-06 Springfield by over 200 fps, yet could fit in a standard long action. 1 are able to use the .300 W… Mag.• .300 RSAUM vs. .300 WSM• .500 Jeffrey vs. .505 Gibbs• 7mm RUM vs. .300 RUM• .308 Winchester vs. 7mm-08 Remington• 6.5 Creedmoor vs. .260 Remington• .303 British vs. 8x57 Mauser• .30-06 Springfield vs. All Other .30s• .17 HMR vs. .17 WSM• .450 Nitro Express vs. .470 Nitro Express• 350 Legend vs. .35 Remington• .280 Ackley Improved vs. 7mm Rem. We have a variety of deals on Rifle Ammo, Handgun Ammo, Shotgun Ammo & Rimfire Ammo, as well as ammo for target practice, plinking, hunting, or shooting competitions. Based on the.300 H&H case blown out to maximum capacity, the.300 Weatherby Magnum was introduced by Roy Weatherby in 1944. had its day, belted magnums were all the rage in the ammunition development market. This is roughly 26 Nos / 6.5 H&H / 6.5 WW / 6.5 STW Mag performance. I'm not a fan of belted cartridges but that's just me. It’s an appreciable advantage, but again, there’s that recoil tradeoff. At that distance the .300 Winchester retains 1,766 ft.-lbs., and the Weatherby retains 2,186. Privacy Policy   •   Contact Us   •   Warnings   •   FAQs   •  © 2020 National Rifle Association of America, Remington Model 700 American Hunter Rifle Project, Women On Target® Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. Hammer Women Of Distinction Award, Women's Wildlife Management / Conservation Scholarship, National Youth Shooting Sports Ambassadors, NRA Outstanding Achievement Youth Award Presented by Brownells, National Youth Shooting Sports Cooperative Program, .450 Nitro Express vs. .470 Nitro Express, .358 Winchester vs. .350 Remington Magnum, .25-06 Remington vs. .257 Weatherby Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum vs. .300 Weatherby Magnum, Head to Head: .308 Winchester vs. .30-06 Springfield, Head to Head: .444 Marlin vs. .45-70 Government, 2020 National Rifle Association of America. I got into the prone position, put the crosshair just behind that buck’s shoulder and rudely interrupted its soirée with a 180-grain Scirocco from my well-worn Winchester 70 in .300 Winchester. Thanks for the great side-by-side comparison, David. holds slightly more powder than the WSM, but, again, no big deal unless you handload. I was all ready to buy a new rifle in 300 win mag, but after reading up on the issue of the inherent accuracy flaws from a belted magnum, I'm wondering if the 300 RUM might have better (or easier) potential to be more accurate out of the box since … of 0.507) with a 200-yard zero, at a muzzle velocity of 2960 fps for the Winchester and 3250 fps for the Weatherby, you’ll see the former drop 19.3 inches at 400 yards, and the latter drop 15.6 inches. — Joseph von Benedikt.375 H&H Ackley Improved. It wasn’t the first head of game to fall to that rifle, and by no means would it be the last. While Winchester maintained the ability to house the 3.34-inch cartridge in the long-action receiver, they moved the 25-degree shoulder forward in order to increase case capacity, and shortened the neck to measure 0.264 inches, with a case length of 2.62 inches. Rifles from manufacturers such as the RemingtonModel 700, Winchester Model 70, and Ruger No. To my way of thinking if you need more gun than a 300 Winchester you should look for more bullet weight than what is available in the 30 caliber class. Foundry Outdoors is your trusted home for buying archery, camping, fishing, hunting, shooting sports, and outdoor gear online. A shooter can also fire a 300 Winchester Magnum round in a 300 Weatherby chamber- and it will fire form the case as well, but the necks will just be a little shorter. If you like short, quick actions, go with the WSM. What more could one ask of an elk cartridge? Mag. The .300 Winchester Magnum gets the nod from me in this instance. Bettering the Springfield’s velocity by 150 to 200 fps depending on the load, the belted .300 H&H Magnum required a longer receiver and though the American ammunition companies had embraced the cartridge, the Springfield was—and is—more readily available and affordable. Written inquires can be mailed to: Weatherby, Inc. PO Box 6630 Sheridan, WY 82801 USA To put this into perspective, a Boeing 737 commercial airliner travels at a cruising speed of 600 mph, or 880 fps. Roy Weatherby experimented with that belted Super .30 case in the early 1940s, sometimes shortening the case to .30-06-length, sometimes using the full 2.85-inch-length of the .300 Holland case, but all of his designs featured the unique double-radius shoulder. Both are fully capable of taking the full range of North American game animals, and both make a solid choice for a light rifle on safari.

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