I may give it a go. So for most entities and conditions the command did nothing. This program is very simple and works very quickly.However, because this program is very simple and not developed further, there are some minor issues with rotated blocks and hatches. INTELLIGENT WORK FORUMS FOR ENGINEERING PROFESSIONALS. It looks like I will flatten all my jobs in Autocad until I hear anything. A user would normally want the option of manually modifying blocks containing 3d entities (or Z not = 0). Nothing seemed able to touch 3d faces. I am very glad to have this warning before I shredded any of my drawings, it has very little application for me in this form. It looks like I will flatten all my jobs in Autocad until I hear anything. Using commands such as TRIM, EXTEND, HATCH, FILLET, JOIN. Even though you may be working in 2D, AutoCAD is a 3D application with an X, Y and Z axis. To translate this article, select a language. Now, the ‘FLATTEN’ command does not work in AutoCAD 2012 for Mac. And explodes hatching and loses dim associativity. At present Flatten assumes too much and even explodes some blocks which don't contain anything 3d. I also tried the AutoCAD "flatten" command, however that did not work either (presumably, it changes all Z … FLATTEN requires Express Tools to be loaded. May 13, 2018 at 5:51 pm This command it is not working either for me. First you will need to load this in AutoCAD. That's a bad one - have you submitted a support request? You can use FLATTEN to create a 2D drawing from a 3D model, or you can use it to force the thickness and elevations of selected objects to 0. ... quickly selecting everything in the drawing and using the command Flatten is a good thing to do. ... Make your work faster with this shortcuts in Autocad - Duration: 8:23. Flatten technically is not in vanilla AutoCAD, it is part of express tools. Tried to remove (cleanup) the 3D features in the drawing using AutoCAD however that chowdered-up the layout drawing pretty badly (likely also due to my marginal AutoCAD skills). Measurements or … I highly appreciate if … Note where you save this file to your lisp file location> c:\lispfiles\Flat.lsp. In my Autocad 2008 I have the Express Tools menu but the Flatten command is not there. In the Properties Palette, find the values for, Do the same except change the value of each to. You can find the code in CADtutor forum here. For those that do have Premium, here is the command for flattening. The line command and some others are not working properly , it just take several second or some time autocad is not responding, this problem is in particular drawing . between lines. When lines are floating in 3D, the drawing doesn't work very well. Using OSNAPs (the marker jumps to the wrong place). I am using Autocad 2017, have input all the information given above and still nothing is happening. An AutoCAD drawing or some objects within it need to be flattened because one or more of the following is not working correctly: Selecting objects. An accidental "Yes" could still be disastrous. Thanks . Not just one item at a time. To flatten a drawing automatically in AutoCAD: Use the FLATTEN AutoCad Tips & Tricks Recommended for you. Although it is possible to select and flatten everything in a drawing all at once, it might be necessary to use the QSELECT command to select each group of object types and then run the FLATTEN command on them. Use the flatten command to bring/project all items onto the same plane. I don't know initially what blocks etc are in them. Woow, so it does! I’m not sure what the proper term is instead of “correctly”, but I think “the right file for sketchup” I should have written, so as not to be ambiguous. I have a third party lisp routine that runs beautifully in Autocad, I am wondering if it will work in Bricscad. Autodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Flatten Command - put everything in the same plane wernerdeimling over 2 years ago I used to deal with AutoCAD flatten command very often, specially when I had to deal with Topographic CAD files, the architectural drawing on it normally are not in the same plane, making a lot of commands unavailable, like "Fillet! Measurements or dimensioning for distance and angles. This is where I keep all my lisp files. If you are not familiar with using AutoLISP program,If you are not familiar with using AutoLISP program, read how you can save the code and use it here. In my Autocad 2008 I have the Express Tools menu but the Flatten command is not there. A fairly limited use command, I'm not sure there was great scope for improvement and I don't know how Acad implements it. Oct 19, 2017 - An AutoCAD drawing or some objects within it need to be flattened because one or more of the following is not working correctly: Selecting objects. Busca trabajos relacionados con Autocad flatten command not working o contrata en el mercado de freelancing más grande del mundo con más de 19m de trabajos. Turn off or freeze any hatch layers with hatch patterns so they are not included in the selection. This does not however actually flatten a drawing (or elements/objects in a drawing. ;;; It reports the number of objects it flattens and the number left ;;; unflattenened (because they were objects not recognized by FLATTEN; see The geometry will be flattened. the current version of "flatten" (in the express tools) seems to be a slightly tweaked version of the old LISP routine. Get answers fast from Autodesk support staff and product experts in the forums. It appears to be used to make 2D versions of 3D elements whereas the old version took all z-values and made them zero--the new one doesn't work well if you have coplanar linework at a z-value other than 0; it also appears to be view-dependent (like Rhino). FLATTEN results in 2D objects that retain their original layers, linetypes, colors and object types where possible. If a block does contain objects with elevation other than 0, does it reduce them after exploding or does it require a second pass and perhaps multiple passes for nested blocks? The MakeFlatSnapshot command creates a flat representation of 3D solid objects and Regions, projected to the drawing's X-Y … Using commands such as TRIM, EXTEND, HATCH, FILLET, JOIN. Tim, I tried putting 0 in for the Z … I also had some difficulties when I was trying to flatten the 3d model. I apologize for another post, but I just remembered that someone came to me last week because he couldnt get the flatten command to work and the line he snapped too had a z elevation of .00006 so sometimes moving to just "0" doesnt help, you might have to change the unit precision or put a lot of 0's after a decimal point. Autodesk Autocad tutorial how to change 3d into 2d with flatten command, check it out!! Select all objects and press the Enter key. For some entities FLATTEN does nothing yet, such as text entities. 18 thoughts on “Recreating the FLATTEN Command in AutoCAD for Mac” Raissa Spiteri. Its is also useful to use the OVERKILL command after FLATTEN … The fillet command doesn't function properly since lines that float on top of each other don't actually intersect. Lee Mac has many useful LISP program. Re: Flatten Z cords without using the Flatten command. VisualLISP functions. Using OSNAPs (the marker jumps to the wrong place). AutoCad 3D :: Flatten Not Working Sep 21, 2011. is there a command in mechanical 2012 similar to FLATTEN,As this does not work on my comp for some reason. it goes into orbit. Then in the command line type.. (load "c:/lispfiles/flat") YEP use the parenthesis Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This “creates a 2D representation of all 3D objects based on the current view“. But why Flatten did not work? Flatten your drawing as though you where looking at it from the top. View 6 Replies View Related AutoCAD 2010 :: Publish Comment Doesn't Work Correct? I use the flatten command a lot in Autocad and am very impressed with the speed it flattens in Bricscad, but it appears to explode my blocks when it flattens and this is a real pain, are there any fixes available. But if something already has substantial Z coord someplace, then whoh! Flatten CAD Drawings Almost all the time, AutoCAD files can be found with lines drawn in 3D even if the drawing was carefully drafted by the most meticulous designers. Im using autocad lt 2011, finishing a survey done in carlson survey 2013. If you check the old implementation , FLATTEN only modified entities where this was possible with an equivalent of "setting elevation to 0". Log In. Lately I had been using it to fix lines which occasionally would not chamfer because for some reason they decided they were not on the same plane any more (all my work is 2d). Creating Flat Representations of 3D Solid Objects. I loaded the Flatten lisp and it had the same problem as the original flatten command (exploded all my blocks).Not sure why it does not explode them in Autocad though, but I am a bit of a computer pleb. The closest command to it is ‘FLATSHOT’. On the Drafting tab > Object snap options, check Replace Z value with current elevation. © Copyright 2020 Autodesk Inc. All rights reserved. ... FLATTEN: This is a very useful command to know if you have trouble with lines that for some reason are not on 0 height. "I have a very useful AutoCAD tip myself that does not seem to be that commonly used but saves me hours of work. Es gratis registrarse y presentar tus propuestas laborales. It leaves some of the blocks alone, notably those which include attributes, text and solids. I use the command "flatten" to set all Z coordinates to 0. Using commands such as TRIM, EXTEND, HATCH, FILLET, JOIN. It's usually ok. A PDF will retain color and layers as long as a color plot style is selected and the PDF layers options is selected when creating the PDF. I will have to remember not to use it. Alexander, it seems to me there will always be entities which cannot be flattened at least without losing more than you might want. Thanks for all the feedback everyone. ;;; After you've selected objects and pressed ENTER, FLATTEN goes to work. The new implementation is way more powerful, but if straightforward projection doesn't work, currently its only alternative is to explode before projection. I loaded the Flatten lisp and it had the same problem as the original flatten command (exploded all my blocks).Not sure why it does not explode them in Autocad though, but I am a bit of a computer pleb. Select everything that you wanna have for sure on 0 elevation, type FLATTEN and everything will come to O elevation. which comes with AutoCAD Use quick select (QSELECT) to select all 3d polylines,use flatten, say NO to remove hidden lines, once the 3d plines have been flattened, explode them and then rejoin them, they will then all be flat regular polylines. So yes it can be improved. To create a DXB file, a DXB PC3 printer must first be created using the. AutoCAD: Overkill and Flatten commands. Measuring tool not working correctly? Use Quick Select to select objects in your AutoCAD drawing, Software installation, registration & licensing. Frank Reid They would have to be manually exploded to make sure that's what you really wanted. Jaiprakash Pandey January 10, … Apart from correcting the apparent Z-coord bug in my dwgs, I only use it for modifying foreign files for my use. Overview of all 1512 AutoCAD commands - command history (in English, Czech, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Japanese) Subset - only ExpressTools and not in LT (only in full AutoCAD) and not in Core Console and only from SAP See also the GetCName LISP interface. The DXB plotter converts all color data to black and white and places all drawing geometry on layer 0. How do I download and install it? Tell us about your issue and find the best support option. Connect, consult with, and hire trusted industry experts on the Autodesk Services Marketplace. Must be a new bug. My AutoCAD skills may not be the best but I have tried a number of different methods to flatten the blocks and nothing has worked. Come Join Us! A warning which stopped the command because it came to one of those entities would not be very helpful, a list of objects passed over might appear like a stock market ticker-tape. John, while we did not anticipate the use of the command to indiscriminately flatten everything just to make sure it's 2d with z=0, we can make sure that no entities are exploded unnecessarily and if they are, that the user is notified. I understand Flatshot did not work because these are not solids. I had always assumed it was just a more obvious way to achieve what could have been done using Change to quickly reduce a 3d drawing to make it 2d, but without destroying the integrity of things which might be more important alive than dead. Right, instead of using “use flatten”, I should have said: ask that architect to send you the correctly drawn file using that command… This command changes the elevation of all objects to zero: This command moves objects very high and then back down to zero: Import this file into a new or existing drawing with PDFIMPORT. "Flatten" command did not work. Measurements or dimensioning for distance and angles. Using OSNAPs (the marker jumps to the wrong place). Lets say i use the measuring tool and select my 1st point, if i follow the polar track or extend off a line the measured distance will be much greater than the actual distance measured. My recommended tool for this problem is by using ALLFLAT by Lee Mac. That was why I had to manually change start and end of z position. Replace the Z value For 3D objects in layout viewports. When drawing a 3D model the command FLATSHOT can be used to easily and quickly generate an accurate flat view of the model. Hey guys, Im working with Acad 2013 and am trying to flatten reference .dwgs for use in building my models. Doesn't handle anything inside blocks.

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