All fats, however, have the same amount of energy (gram for gram). There is no body of evidence (from scientific studies) to suggest that the above is true (WHO/FAO, 2003). NOt having been to medical school is a good thing! In most cases, a tub of margarine has fewer calories than a tub of butter when it comes to medium and low fat spreads. I want to stop taking the Atorvastatin after an enlightening issue on holiday recently. Have you given your views on these products too? (Links in the post above) and you need to know how Flora lowers cholesterol (also above). The bottom line seems to be eat natural products that don’t need artificial manipulation – I’m looking forward to a little butter on my toast and little sugar in my tea. Good nutrition is what really matters when it comes to preventing chronic diseases. The British Heart Foundation & Flora pro.activ – an unhealthy relationship. As Dr Uffe Ravnskov, founder of the International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics and author of several books about fat and cholesterol, says: “It is correct that cholesterol goes down if we eat much plant sterol, but that doesn’t mean that it is able to prevent heart disease, because no one has ever tested that in a scientific experiment. Without the luxury of being funded by spread makers, Dr Ravnskov has found that “several studies have shown that even a mild elevation of plant sterols in the blood is a risk factor for heart disease”. I made several trips to my doctors who did several blood tests which revealed nothing. The Great Cholesterol Con – Dr Malcolm Kendrick It contains as many as 12 strains (versus about two in yogurt). Cynical, moi?! These bacteria were discovered by Dr. Minoru Sirota. Dr Ravnskov has led the way in trying to investigate what happens if we unnaturally ingest large quantities of plant sterols. James. . I would be trying to see an open minded cardiologist/heart specialist who won’t just try to put you on statins but will try to understand what you could have inherited because cholesterol has got naff all to do with it. Try new Flora Light, a lighter and delicious option for the calorie conscious. Cant eat more healthily .Wish I’d never had it done ! And can you recycle Flora packaging? You may enjoy this presentation ( Watch for 10 mins from 40 mins in if you don’t have time to watch it all. Fantastic article. It’s that easy. When Flora pro.activ replaces human cholesterol with plant sterols, what are the consequences? Would you be able to point me in the direction of someone that would be able to help me in my research? My last check was 4.8…. A triglyceride containing three saturated fatty acids is generally solid at room temperature and not very desirable for many applications. At height 5foot, weight 56.5 I am considered borderline overweight. We cook fish in butter – more stable. I defy any doctor to read that, understand it and continue to prescribe statins. Flora Light is the perfect spread to melt onto hot vegetables, smother onto toast and make healthy snacks. Thank goodness she had about 20lb to lose! Upfield markets Flora as containing "a blend of healthy fats " including omega-3, omega-6 oils and vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid ". In the process of hydrogenation, the oils are heated and pressurised and hydrogen gas is added, along with a catalyst, like nickel, to produce a chemical reaction. Interesting article. This post may help with the HDL/LDL misinformation ( They are not even cholesterol – let alone good or bad. So I then decided to use a cholesterol reducing spread which seemed ok.The first spread I used was Benecol light and then changed to Flora pro active light. the flora i have in the freezer is getting the heave ho, have decided to eat butter in moderation , and it does taste good lets face it . I’m out of this depressive fog that I’ve seemed to be in for a long time…at 53 everyone told me ”the age thing”…NO I do not believe that any more. My hubby is also on something called bisoprolol fumarate, and had the dose raised from 2.5mg to 5mg per day back in December by his consultant. 1 It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Some end up on the wrong side of the structure and you end up not with a saturated fat, but with a completely new fat completely alien to the body. I’d reall appreciate your response to my situation. I was delighted to find this article on Tom Naughton’s website, written by an eminent American heart surgeon, Dwight Lundell. That’s an impressive list of companies to whom Dr Jenkins is connected! I’m sharing it with my friends. I have come across your article above and feel completely at a loss again. Heart UK, for example, calls itself the cholesterol charity (cholesterol should have a charity for having become endangered, but that’s not what they mean!) (Canada retained the strongest legislative position on not allowing butter colour to be used. Is Flora good for you? Having had a stent put in a 96% blocked artery and also having a heart murmer, you can understand my concern about the tablets I am taking and my diet. It has so much credibility in the UK too! He’s just much funnier than I am :-) I, too, detest that Flora advert. Best wishes – Zoe. I don’t want to go off statin in case my cholesterol sky rockets and I have another event. I guess to put it in a nutshell I really don’t know if I am doing the right thing or wrong thing with my present regime and I don’t know what caused my CVD. Since having the stents put in I have taken my health very seriously completely changing my eating habits. By the way, I love butter and really want to get off the Flora junk I have been eating for so long. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Not to mention the fact that statistics show that most people who die from CHD actually have ‘normal’ to low cholesterol! Only 27 kcal per 10g Serving. Eating more than 3g of plant sterols does not provide additional benefits. Are they safe? Can eating margarine increase the risk of heart disease? ), they STILL want to put him back on the statins. The spreads were sold in 500 gram, or one kilogram, tubs. I thought I would help things along by using Flora proactiv ( how I came across your article). Additionally, soft tub margarines contain essential fats and Omega 3 & 6, which are the types of fats that your body can’t produce and you need to take them in through your diet. I feel so much better. To be honest it`s really expensive, tastes vile ( as does most marges ) and now been told it`s a waste of money. After severe joint pains, dehydration, headaches, breathlessness, cracking skin and generally feeling ‘one degree under’ I have refused to take BP medication and feel so much better for it. If you had surgery or an injury, your body would make more cholesterol to heal you. Yes, margarine is hydrolized vegetable oil. Hi Catherine – I actually said “OMG” out loud when I saw your hubby’s cholesterol reading and they want him on statins! Is Yakult Good for You? I’m a graphic design post-graduate student in London and I’m developing a project on consumer confusion regarding some healthy-claims processed food. (Why didn’t the BHF tell people this and not go near spreads?). So I then decided to use a cholesterol reducing spread which seemed ok.The first spread I used was Benecol light and then changed to Flora pro active light. I think I was the only person with the disease in the whole world who went onto LCHF with dramatic results which astounded my doctors. Salt lamps are intended to cleanse the air, pulling in particles like allergens, toxins, bacteria, and pollutants. However, I won’t be holding my breath!! Source(s): OMG Wendy – thanks so much for sharing this. You will likely have a fight on your hands with your GP – which is additionally horrific. The word Yakult comes from the word “jahurto” which means yogurt in Esperanto. − if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant In addition Unilever Research and Development provided the donation of margarines used in the study. It reminds me of companies like McDonalds and Coca Cola sponsoring the 2012 Olympics – also not a healthy relationship. Will be emailing it to my friends. That’s why Tom and I do what we do! How can you get the power’s that be to take all these arguments against seriously? Click the link for more healthy living tips and advice. Flora pro activ Hi I bought Flora pro activ as I was diagnosed with high cholesterol before diabetes and take 40mg of simvastatin every day. My numbers halved on a HIGH FAT, very low carb diet, but alas, for the last year I have become despondent. Best wishes – Zoe. I receive a copy of the BHF magazine, which comes out six times a year. Cutting sugar and brisk walking are the best choices you’ve made. To significantly lower cholesterol, the optimum intake of plant sterols is 2 - 2.5g daily. Apparently, it is the balance between the two which is more important rather than the overall cholesterol figure. I hope Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is not recommending the aforementioned unnatural process? Zoe. Hi Brian – you’re not alone in having been conned that emulsified, deodorised, bleached, coloured, hydrogenated (or some other solidifying process), gunge is better than naturally churned butter! Margarines are also sometimes fortified with other vitamins. Where can I find out about this as all the mixed messages we get today are confusing and worrying. I personally would never let a statin pass my lips – but – if you’ve been on them for 15 years and haven’t suffered side effects, you may be OK with them. Margarine however, contains healthier fat molecules in comparison to butter, providing more rounded nutritional benefits. − if you are breast-feeding.”. I’m a bit sick of the whole thing. Is it really a good idea? (Further information and references for these studies can be found in Dr Ravnskov’s September 2012 newsletter ). Your nurse is shockingly unaware of studies showing that cholesterol is particularly important in older people – lower cholesterol is strongly associated with higher deaths for good reason – because cholesterol is so utterly life vital. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) decrease the melting point of fats significantly., Hi Michael – Flora does lower cholesterol but why would you want to do that? One day the medical profession will be sued for what they have done – for people like you that day can’t come soon enough. So you avoid fat of any kind? If the spreads industry are turning liquid fats into solids in a new/non-hydrogenated way – I invite them to share how. Flora cares that you and your loved ones enjoy tasty meals. Google “dangers of aspartame” and prepare to be worried. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Bacteria can be affected by storage, air, light and moisture, and there is no guarantee that the bacteria survives in the yoghurt Kate Gudorf, Dietitians Association of Australia If conditions are right and the bacteria survives, you'd need to eat 100 million colony-forming units (CFU) regularly every day to increase the activity of good bacteria. Not sure he is someone we should be listening to….. Zoe : I am waiting for the results of my ”Cholesterol” after asking my GP. ), Lipitor is the most lucrative of all statins. Higher HDL cholesterol helps to balance out LDL cholesterol (bad). Soft tub margarine, like Flora, contains Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids. The statin damage crisis – Dr Duane Graveline As a final thought – you may like to ask nursey why the patient leaflet for the most lucrative statin – Lipitor ( warns against anyone taking the drug over the age of 70?! The person who contributed it wonders if he hasn’t been taken out and tarred and feathered by the rest of the medical profession and the makers of Lipitor!! Zoe – I note that the BHF have a new, fund-raising ad. No, this is not true. I’m an active 65 in february. Recently I had my first ever Cholesterol Test at 67 ,Sainsbury were doing the Flora Pro activ free test Plant based Flora made with sunflower seed oil and contains 65% less saturated fat than butter. (2) my friend who worked in a physical job and got plenty of exercise started to have pins & needles in his legs and dizzy spells when bending down. Whether you’re combating a full-on hangover or minor uptick in gas, following up your suds fest with some gut-themed TLC might help even the score. The health claim should be twofold: a) this is not a bad saturated fat (tell them what you are not – don’t tell them what you are); and b) add some plant sterols and then ‘sell’ cholesterol lowering ‘benefit’. Leaving aside if high cholesterol is good or bad, and whether Companies are making huge profits etc”….”…, You state “your body is making the right amount – food has nothing to do with it and never has”. What am I to make of that ,cant be more active ! They replace cholesterol to be more precise and the evidence for the impact of this is not good ( Obesity Researcher, Author The Harcombe Diet. Both are good for you, each fruit/vegetable has different vitamins. “One of the key things the campaign will encourage women to do is to get their cholesterol checked.” And once in the system, no doubt, the women can be frightened into fearing cholesterol and trying to lower it with statins or eating Flora pro.activ gunge or both. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Let alone healthy? And what annoys me is that I took some nasty strong medication for the other condition after saying about how stiff my joints etc were…whta have I pumped into my system?? Hi, Zoe – yet another wonderful “stripping bare”! Your email address will not be published. A bit simplistic maybe, but is this wrong? I take Simvastatin, bisoprolol fumerate, aspirin and perindopril (relatively small doses). Pingback:Leven zonder medicijnen |, Hi Zoe, 5. Many thanks Is it true that both butter and margarine have the same amount of kilojoules? The patient leaflet can be accessed here. view. Have always been suspicious of BHF and Flora, especially as the Flora logo was on the diet sheet a rather zealous nurse recently gave me when she was trying to condemn me to a life of boiled chicken and statins! The processed spread is much cheaper, despite all the industrial operations needed. I am a 65 yr old male. I apreciate very much any possible help. Thanks Elaine. It spreads easily and taste delicious with NO artificial colours or flavours. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. I find myself becoming more and more disillusioned about drug treatments, especially those for heart conditions, as with my husband. display: none !important; I “can’t believe” you missed out my favourite example! He’ll say to me “You’re not a doctor, how do you know that it would be bad for me?” and I have to remind him how ill he was, and how much pain he was in when he was taking them last year, and how all this disappeared within a couple of days of him stopping them. At last, the truth: Butter is GOOD for you - and margarine is chemical gunk. I’ve printed this list out, because I can guarantee he hasn’t read the leaflet with the drug. With nutrient-rich plant sterols, Flora assists in lowering cholesterol levels. Like any mostly unsaturated fat, it becomes less stable at high temperatures so if you’re really sizzling a stir fry you may want to use a more saturated fat, like coconut oil. There are several types of plant cholesterol; together they are named plant sterols. Or any of the following books: Average renumeration (stated as no individual gets more than £60,000) £39,441.66, From 2012 My mum is 95 and my dad died at 90 so I should have good genes. Best wishes – Zoe. Is it true that margarine increases the risk of cancer, lowers the quality of breast milk, decreases immune response, and decreases insulin response? Flora Buttery. To illustrate, see the kilojoule contents for both butter and a couple of margarine products per 20 g serving below: 2. Yogurt is packed with nutrients that can include calcium and magnesium, good bacteria, and protein. (1) there is a view that the body is ‘poor’ at regulating the amount of cholesterol both in evolutionly terms and with regard to mordern the ‘fast food’ culture and associated intake of fat. By the time we’ve finished taking multi-vitamins, mineral supplements, vitamin D in our fat-free yogurt we will have topped up the turnover of so many vested interests at the expense of our farming community producing real food. In spite of that, Unilever still advertise their margarine and other food products with high contents of plant sterols as “heart healthy” and now the British Heart Foundation is part of this scandal. This question clearly indicates the period of time in which these types of unsubstantiated viral messages have been in circulation. I first saw the advert on UK TV screens in January 2013 – you can see it here. Never again hopefully. and advised to return after Christmas for a retest . Best wishes – Zoe. The article seems to suggest the body knows what is good for it. I think that I would be naive not to think this). He is just one step ahead – as always – for when they say “Ah but we don’t hydrogenated our gunge any more”! So the spread manufacturers need to add hydrogen atoms to their liquid oils in some way. Hello,luckily,I always used the simple logic that butter,pork fat,goose fat a duck fat are not only Do they care? I have not…I have read and watched so much that I am determined to charge of this now. (Zoe note – the idea that real saturated fats may not be desirable and these manufactured fats may be better suited for ‘target food products’ may refer to the fact that these ‘fake’ fats are cheaper and have a longer shelf life – fine properties for a ‘food’ company, but not for a human). Required fields are marked *, −  I happened to be in Sainsbury’s at 8.30 am after getting up at 5.30 as usual doing my horses ,driving 10 miles swimming 32 lengths then driving 35 miles to arrive in Sainsbury’s at 8.30 & noticed their Free testing ,I was told they could fit me in then as I had only had a coffee at 6am ,so was OK . How could anyone take the man seriously having seen that? After reading your article I have decided not to use these spreads at all. [iii] “I can’t believe it’s not butter”, Marketing Week, (29 May 1997). Anonymous. On changing his diet to a predominantly fish based one plus reducing his alcohol intake, in just 3 months he reduced his levels to 4.6 and all his symptoms disappeared completely (no statins used). Well, P.C., it’s called common sense. Should cholesterol lowering spreads come with a health warning for pregnant women? All oils used in the Flora vegan spread are plant-based, and no dairy or vitamin D is added into the product, making it 100% free of any animal-derived material. x. It’s about time that this misinformation was challenged and you have done a great job of explaining it here. How can consumers be assured that it’s okay to eat margarine? What struck me is that neither of them represent a “typical” victim, i.e. Breastfeeding women? It's cultured five to eight times longer than yogurt, giving good bacteria more time to multiply. New inventions should not be seen as potential health concerns as science is constantly evolving. Flora Original is the ideal product for margarine lovers made from 100% Natural Ingredients. I was fuming. Nature makes a natural product for using in any and all circumstances when Unilever would no doubt prefer people to use one of their processed products instead. Flora Light. I came here when I saw a Flora-Proactiv ad on YouTube. Cholesterol is a healing tool – not a cause of anything. 1) 7.9 is entirely normal cholesterol (, 2) There is something genetic/hereditary that should be explored further by docs. 3. Staff numbers: 6 It is called “Heart Matters” and should be commended for having no adverts.

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