Text by Michele Marron (2010 Student Botanical Intern), Myoporum – derived from Greek, myo meaning shut and poros meaning a pore, which refers to the glands on the leaf. ; Myoporum insulare R.Br. Shrub or tree to c. 6 m high, glabrous; branches obscurely tuberculate or non-tuberculate. Unprepared Adults Lead Scary Camping Adventure Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants suitable for cultivation, Vol 6, K-M. Thomas C. Lothian Pty Ltd, Carolin, R. and Clarke, P. 1991. It is an excellent, spreading groundcover for a sunny position; in shade it can become sparsely foliaged. Top Wedge Grafting Eremophilas, The International Plant Propagators 57: 230-233, Richmond , S. and Ghisalberti, E. L. 1995. The leaves are lance-shaped to elliptical, from 30-100 mm long by 10-20 mm wide and glossy green in colour. Využití: Keře tohoto druhu bývají vysazovány pro zpevnění svahů v pobřežních lokalitách jako větrolamy nebo rychle rostoucí živé ploty. is an unresolved name . Creeping Boobialla (Purple leaf form) Notes. Myoporum parvifolium pink fine leaf. Camping. Acts as a living mulch and weed suppressor. 2004. 2007. M. insulare ’s hardy and adaptable properties make it an easy plant to grow in a wide range of environments and soil types. Ready to be replanted into the ground or a larger pot. The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs). Beach Plants of South Eastern Australia, Sanity and Associates, Potts Point, Carmen, P. and Corsini, B. Atriplex cinerea, commonly known as grey saltbush, coast saltbush, barilla or truganini, is a plant species in the family Amaranthaceae.It occurs in sheltered coastal areas and around salt lakes in the Australian states of Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, … Branches are spreading and leaves are long and up to 13 centimetres long. 140mm Boobialla 'Aussie Mates Range' - Myoporum insulare. Myoporum parvifolium. Distribution and habitat. 2.0 2.1; Gikan sa gawas nga tinubdan Bunnings Warehouse is the sole stockists of Foilboard Handy Panel which have been specifically designed for the DIY customer. islands or more generally coastal regions. Nurseries and in every state — where to find the Tucker Bush range across Australia. Boobialla - Myoporum insulare Boobialla (Myoporum insulare) $3.40 Very hardy shrub and screening plant for exposed sites that grows 3 to 6 metres high with dense, green foliage and small, purple-spotted white flowers for much of the year. Same in-stock item available for same-day delivery or collection, including GST and delivery charges. Myoporum insulare is mainly a coastal or near coastal species and locally grows in sandy moist calcareous soils close to brackish water, especially along the lower (near coastal) reaches of rivers and creeks. Well-established Myoporum Insulare (also known as Boobiala, or common Boobiala) plants. The Plants Database includes the following 4 species of Myoporum . Myoporum insulare ‘Coastal Carpet’ PBR Myoporum insulare dwarf PBR Coastal Rambler Olearia axillaris Little Smokie PBR Olearia axillaris Mini PBR Scaevola crassifolia ‘Flat Fred’ PBR. M. insulare thrives in well drained sandy soils in coastal habitats but can tolerate regions with lengthy wet periods and heavy soils. Agapanthus ‘Star Quality 14cm 3598586 $11.98 Geranium ‘Biokovo’ 14cm 3601702 $11.98 Scabiosa ‘Samanthas Pink’ 14cm 3597725 $11.98 Aussie Jackpots – Callistemon ‘Brogo Overflow’ 14cm 3869317 $10.79 Find 140mm Boobialla 'Aussie Mates Range' - Myoporum insulare at Bunnings Warehouse.

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