There is no need to remove the old fabric. Reasons to Reupholster Your Sofa. Position the … I used a compressor and heavy duty staple gun with 1/4″ staples. Quick question though - did you have to use any type of foam for the inside back or inside arm? A Beginner's Guide to Reupholstering a Couch, Step by Step 1. You can purchase roping or ribbon in the fabric store and use stitch witchery to adhere to the slipcover if you want to hide the staples. I used Curve-Ease along the top edge next to the cording, then used one tack strip on the left and right vertical sides, which covered the edge of the fabric and staples from my outside arms. Awesome reupholstery job! Time and Cost of Reupholstering a Sofa. Updated 2019. The price to reupholster a leather couch runs $600 to $4,000, depending on size. Don’t worry about getting it perfect. However, looking back on the project I do wish I had used maybe a one or two inch foam to make everything a tad bit softer, so that is definitely something you could do as well! Leather typically runs $30 to $60 per yard, similar to the $50 to $70 per yard average for other materials. ToriM (author) from Atlanta on September 28, 2018: Hi Jin, For my particular couch, there was no foam on the inside back or arm when I took it apart, there was only batting. Between the ring clamps and staples those where the days the kids had pizza for dinner.No our hubby's where NOT the helpful types. Outside couch fabric (the upholstery on the shell of the sofa), Interior fabric (the upholstery on the inner part where you sit), Cambric (the dust cover, usually made of a thin material that covers the underside of the sofa—it's different from the upholstery fabric), Cording (that round, upholstered cord you might see at the seams that adds an accent and also makes the seam stronger). I tucked a lot of fabric, 6″-12″ into the folds. This includes stapling on the new cambric dust cover and attaching the legs. I laid a piece of cut-to-size sheet down first, then a layer of batting, and stapled both down. It included a burnt orange corduroy couch, a chaise lounge, and a coffee table. New fabric gives dated or unattractive furniture a fresh look, revealing the true potential within that faded armchair or worn beige couch. It was an older couch when I got it and the fabric was already in rough shape and then the kids made it rougher. If you plan carefully on paper first, you'll waste less fabric (and money!). Tori is a 28-year-old, three-time animal mom and DIYer living in Northern Atlanta with her boyfriend. DIY: Mock Tufting. by alanawpiper in Furniture. I sawzalled an existing couch in half and removed two feet and then assembled it back together finishing it off with new upholstery. Sofa recovered in a solid, inexpensive fabric. Reupholstering a sofa sadly is not a quick and easy … You’ll even be helping the environment as the old furniture won’t need to be sent to a landfill and less emissions will be generated than making a brand new sofa. You will be able to cover the edges with the existing pleated skirt that you cut off earlier. Believe it or not, most furniture is designed to be re-upholstered, just as cars are designed to be worked on. It will probably depend on how "hard" the wood is on your chair. It just depends what look you want. use a screw driver or something flat to push the batting, and then the fabric, in to that space. Step back and look at the couch to determine how many "sections" you will be reupholstering. This looks amazing. On paper, plan the cuts you'll make on upholstery yardage. I think the couch recovered in a camel covered slip cover fits right in with our newly renovated modern cottage pool house. Just because the fabric on an old couch has seen better days doesn't mean the couch needs to be consigned to the junk heap. So when I redid it, I just used batting as well. Great idea on using an existing slip cover to start. An average three-sofa set may cost $1,100 per chair to reupholster (inclusive of labor and fabric costs). This piece requires sewing: first the inside seat fabric covering the spring batting. Perhaps u could supervise me while I do the work. If you take a peek at the before pictures of this pool house, it’s hard to believe it’s the same space. Most people can’t tell right away, but in a couple of months they’ll feel the cotton bunching up on the back of the piece. No reason for it not to,but it is MUCH more difficult. I have just finished removing all the fabric and staples from my couch. Please help :( I'm stuck! Do you love the look of slip covers but hate all the wrinkles and mess? It depends on the furniture’s size, style and the fabric’s price, which ranges from $5 to $170 per yard. They loved the couch as much as I did. After getting the base of the couch on as well as the batting for each arm, my next step was to do the arms. Jessica I need u to come over and do my love seat! Reupholstering a couch or chair in leather costs about the same as most fabrics. Because real leather isn’t woven, it often comes in smaller pieces priced at $4 to $15 per square foot. Be sure to also check out my how to reupholster a chair tutorial too. just wanted other's thoughts. They come in one size and usually, you have excessive amounts of fabric tucked everywhere. Don’t trash your couch before reading this! Loved how you finished before but this looks great with the new room. :) I hope if you do reupholster again that the tutorial comes in handy and that you will be able to send pictures :). Couches with more cushions will also cost more since each single standard size cushion costs about $60-$80 each to reupholster without new filling. Larger family size couches often cost $1,200 to $3,500 to reupholster. Upholstery Yardage Chart Most upholstery weight fabrics sold in the United States are 54 inches (~140 cm) wide. Thank you for the tutorial. A fresh new look for a couch that use to be two feet longer for zero money! I ran out of zippers and velcro is what I had so that is what I used. To make the back cushions, we measured the length and width of the old back cushions, sewed brand new ones from the new fabric, and stuffed them with the Poly-Fil stuffing. Now it’s time to cut out the middle piece. I bet a heavy duty one might work ok :). These pieces can often be picked up inexpensively at estate sales and thrift stores. If the old batting is still in good condition, you don't have to replace it. Lay out the new fabric on a large, flat surface and pin the existing upholstery pieces onto it with the … Study your couch. Thanks for the reply Tori! This is so amazing and so much easier than the process i was going to do. This is NOT a one-weekend project. Of course if you want it perfect, you will need to invest hundreds of dollars and pay to have it professionally upholstered. You can always staple the fabric around the arms to give it a more tailored look. Great place to read a book. Then we installed zippers into the back wall of the seat covers to make it easy to take them off and wash them if needed. Make a Table to Keep Track of Your Measurements. It will give the couch a new look, that is more in sync with your current living room ambiance, besides restoring the couch to its old soft and comfortable self. Your post gave me a lot of confidence and tips on doing mine. My fabric and batting are here, just need to get foam for the back and arms. I applied another layer of batting around the base of the couch, then I measured my fabric to recover the base. & it looks so cozy! I thought to pay someone else but I can save myself lots of $$$. Mona Sabalones Gonzalez from Philippines on October 06, 2017: Graham Lee from Lancashire. I featured your post in my wrap up have a great rest of the weekend! You can cut it with regular scissors (not your fabric shears) to fit your piece. After the arms were done, most of the tedious work of covering the frame was over. Yes, the dreaded slipcover that has to be put back on it EVERY day because with the kids jumping on it, its gets completely askew. I used an old blue sheet for my inside seat fabric, so that I didn't have to use the expensive suede fabric for this part. Be sure to follow the adventures of our new house and renovations. This tutorial's measurements are based off of my couch. It is generally a good idea to purchase additional fabric beyond what you measured for just in case you need it. Cost for upholstery fabric typically costs starts around $40 per yard. Measure Fabric for Upholstering. It's important to take notes of what you do while dismantling the couch so you know how to put it back together again. I had to look up tutorial videos in order to make sure I was doing it in the easiest and fastest way possible. You’re not just paying to get new material on the main cushions. The first step in any reupholstery project is to get to know the piece of furniture … The type of fabric you choose also affects the price. The upholstery fabric for a new sofa or armchair is a big investment—you don’t want to be second-guessing it a few months after the piece arrives on your doorstep. Filed Under: Decorating, DIY couch, DIY Tutorials, Our Home & Projects Tagged With: compressor, couch, cream, diy, staples. The last step in the process is to put the finishing touches on your couch. Thank you Becca and it was fantastic to meet you also! I decided to reupholster it and ended up with a beautiful, red suede couch when I was done. Determine whether the sofa is more than 10 years old. A standard 8-foot couch will cost more to reupholster than a 6-foot couch, and both would likely cost less than a sectional. Reupholstering a two-cushion sofa costs $600 to $1,500, while a large sectional sofa costs $1,500 to $4,000 for labor and upholstery fabric. 2. Take note of everything you do: how pieces were put on the couch (which sides were stapled vs. where a tack strip was used, etc. The higher end cost often includes services such as re-stuffing cushions, repairing broken frames, and replacing old fabric. A reasonable allowance has been made for matching but some stripe, plaid and floral patterns with large repeats may take more fabric. Some material is easier to work with. Try to staple as close to the bottom and up underneath in order to hide the staple. A friend and I did a lot of upholstery work,both home and auto. Here's how I did it! There is no space (I'm exaggerating :P, there's actually 8 inches space from the top of the arms) between the arms and the back. Check out these DIY upholstery projects to find out how to upholster everything yourself! This will be good to refer to when you are putting the couch back together. In this case, by reupholstering, you are restoring an antique. Here's the front of the couch with the seat cushions! There were two "hidden" sections which included under the couch and under the seat cushions. When you have a sofa that dates back to more than a century, and you have invested good money in it, reupholstering it makes sense. And, it was great meeting at Haven ... hope to see you again. How to Reupholster a Couch Without Removing the Old Fabric Step 1: Cover Back of Couch I laid my fabric over the back of the couch, tucking fabric into each fold until the fabric was taut. Right after I got the set, I adopted two kittens, Zeus and Oliver. Shop our upholstery fabric online to find a variety of home decor & furniture upholstery for couches, chairs & more! Reupholstering First, it's important to understand the difference between recovering and reupholstering. Kind of crazy right? Do you think this would work if I used a staple gun without a small compressor? It's pretty much like your sofa actually. After I got the front inside back part of the couch upholstered, it was all really smooth sailing. A couple weekends ago, I decided to reupholster it again with an old Pottery Barn slipcover that was in the bottom of my closet. This project only took me two hours and seriously, learning how to reupholster a couch is very easy. Now that you have measured and made allowances, it's time to draw the pieces on a small scale so that you can figure out how much fabric you will need altogether. It is a flexible metal L-shaped strip with holes in one side for staples to attach it to the frame of the couch and teeth in the other side to grip the fabric. If you love the uniqueness of the piece and want to update it, consider reupholstering it. So my solution was to re-use the existing large one piece slip cover and cut it to size and staple/nail it to the couch. You did a great job and this is a useful tutorial. Question: What are the best steps to putting back the upholstery fabric? It's important to look at the seams carefully and to keep track of which layer went on top of which. Would the canvas be thick enough? This is Curve Ease, or Ply-Grip. Size and type of the couch. You will learn a lot about how to put your couch back together by taking it apart. Then I applied a layer of batting and also pieces of cardboard across the front to help support the top of the base. Remove the current fabric from your furniture. Use the supplies list below as a model to ensure that you get what you need for your project (changing the measurements, of course, to match your needs). Cut your cording into the size of pieces you will need, then sew the fabric over it to match what you will need for each piece. You might save these pieces of old fabric to use to check your measurements. Your email address will not be published. BUSINESS EMAIL» queeniirozenblad@gmail.comFollow me on ig : Find someone to help you if you can. You might purchase a few extra yards of fabric and batting just in case something happens and you need more. How you proceed will depend on how your individual couch was constructed. For the cushion, I used the remaining fabric that I had cut off in the beginning and sewed the ends together and used velcro to close the seam. Identify the piece that needs to be taken off first. Take notes on how you take it apart. England. Mine was a 54-inch roll, and most bolts of fabric are. Reupholstering depends on the type of fabric the couch is made of and the skill of the person trying to do the job.

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