Further Reading. What about the Lady in Grey? : 10992 Location: Florida. Learn More. Hagar said it’s been “marketing gold.” Willard Library: Ghost Museum - See 92 traveler reviews, 32 candid photos, and great deals for Evansville, IN, at Tripadvisor. Ghost stories from Indiana often encompass the state’s history. You can still get your ghost story fix in, though. He was supposed to be the only person in the building, so he said something to her and she disappeared around the corner.”. But its most unique feature is its various ghost stories. This program has it all: Missing persons, ghost stories, amazing imagery, and the story behind the discovery of what people are saying is the most intact 1800s schooner shipwreck in the world, the W.C. Kimball. He also experienced water turning on by itself in the bathroom.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'theghostdiaries_com-banner-1','ezslot_0',111,'0','0'])); Tim says the real haunting occurs at the site of the old Carpenter residence, which is now owned by WNIN Tri­State Pubic Media. Through her psychic perceptions, she felt that the woman drowned in the canal, possibly from a suicide. Willard Library located in Evansville, Indiana is the oldest library in the state—as of this month it has been a continuous running library for 127 years. Multiple paranormal groups have confirmed there is an “electromagnetic something” going on in the children’s department story pit. Scary Stories Ghost Stories Strange Stories Horror Stories Paranormal Pictures Real Paranormal Paranormal Stories Ghost Pictures Ghost Pics. The worker put his light down and as he picked it back up there was a woman standing in front of him. The building has been haunted since at least 1937, when a sighting of the ghost was first reported by the custodian. Being the oldest library in the state of Indiana, it contains a treasure trove of local historical archives and genealogy materials. Post … She was even casting a shadow into the hallway. Tim, who is a member of Multi­Sensory Energy Array (MESA), a local paranormal group, first investigated the Willard Library in 2000. Want to see for yourself? This story, however, appears quite real. Jul 28, 2014 - Who is ghost haunting the Willard Library? It was a well­known fact that William Carpenter’s business dealings were sometimes less than ethical. Willard Library Ghost cam. ... Willard Library. The portrait of Willard’s daughter, Louise Carpenter, hangs in the library. Perhaps the two left the library together, leaving behind a legacy of curiosity. Stories of other paranormal activity and sightings did not begin to get reported until 1936. The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana, they say, is haunted by "the Gray Lady." We walked in to look, but there wasn’t a soul there,” Bill said. Does this creepy ghost picture show a Willard Library haunt crawling along the floor of The Children’s Room? They also flock to the library to meet Willard Library’s friendly ghost, the Grey Lady. The cams are situated at the Haunted Stairwell, Children’s section and the Research area. Jun 29, 2014 - The Grey Lady ghost was first reported to have been seen in Willard Library in the late 1930s by a custodian. In this special story time, Santa will share one of his favorite Christmas stories. Grab a flashlight and turn the lights out or if you can, sit around a campfire. Copyright 2020 The Ghost Diaries | About | Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions, By bestselling author and paranormal investigator Joni Mayhan. Why are we fascinated by ghost stories … Live, 24-hour a day camera inside a haunted library in Evansville, Indiana. The site is a virtual ghost hunting mecca. While he was a tremendous public charity supporter, his personal dealings were far from charitable. Ghosts and Ghouls, 24 October 2012. October 30, 2012. Just check out the video above, but first, we recommend setting the mood. The ghost hunters who are frequent guests at Willard Library have noted that the “eerie feelings” some get in certain areas of the library can be traced back to electromagnetic fluctuations in the air [8], but perhaps – to some – that chill means something more than just science and molecules. Our list of 13 Bits of Bookish Trivia mentions the haunting Willard Library in passing, but the story, and the spirit, deserve a little more exploration. She became known as the Lady in Grey, since she was dressed in an 1800’s period grey dress with a matching grey shawl. Willard Library Ghost cam. “He reported that she was wearing a long grey dress and a veil over her face. The Willard library was built in 1885 which makes it more than 110 years old. 7 W. Van Buren St. Battle Creek, MI 49017. The cameras are on 24/7 to keep an eye out for the veiled woman. There was a big furnace and he was there to stoke the furnace,” said Adult Services Librarian, Arrika Dedmond.

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